• alquilar un piso o una habitación en Londres

    Si quieres convencer a tu casero ingleéés o la agencia de que eres el inquilino adecuado, necesitarás comunicar las preguntas y respuestas acertadas para que puedan asimilarte positivamente. Tener claridad y la información correcta es crucial al momento de rentar una habitación o piso en Londres, por lo tanto este diálogo te ayudará a lograr ese objetivo.

    A = Casero

    B = Tú

    Para la cita

    A: Hello. 

    B: Hi, I have just seen your advert on Spareroom, I’m calling about the room for rent. Is it still available?

    A: Yes, it’s available. Would you like to see it? / Would you like to have a viewing?

    B: Yes,  I would like to have a viewing, please. When can I come?

    A: You can come tomorrow at 2:00 pm

    B: Ok, see you tomorrow at 2:00 pm then. Bye

    Preguntas comunes que un Landlord podría hacerte

    A: Is it just for you or someone else?

    B: It is just for me Sir / It is for my girlfriend and me

    A : Where are you from?

    B : I am from Spain 

    A: How long have you been in London?

    B: I’ve been living in London for about 3 weeks / I’ve just arrived

    A: What is your job? / What do you do?

    Si estás desempleado/a debes encontrar una buena razón para convencer que puedes pagar tu renta a tiempo. Puedes mencionar que tienes ahorros suficientes o que tus padres te están apoyando o algo mas consistente.

    B: I’m working as receptionist/au pair/ waiter/  \ I’m currently unemployed, however, I ’ve got enough savings in my account to pay the rent in advance.

    A: Who is your employer?

    B:  I’m a banker  at The Bank of England

    A: How long have you been working at this position?

    B: I have recently started, three weeks ago.

    A: Are you in full-time or part-time employment?

    B: I do work full - time / part-time

    A: Do you have any reference from previous landlords?

    B: Yes I do, You can contact them if you wish.

    Frases que podrías usar usar para recomendarte:

    I am an easygoing person who enjoys London and its people.

    I aim to apply for a better job soon and earn a better income.

    I have always been a peaceful and responsible tenant.

    Preguntas que tu deberías hacer

    - Where is it located?    

    - How much is the rent?

    - Is it weekly or monthly?

    - Does it include any bills?

    - Does the property have central heating and double glazing?

    - How many people live in the flat/house/property?

    - What is the nearest tube station/train station/bus station?

    - Are pets allowed?

    - Are there any facilities in the building?

    - What is the neighbourhood like?

    - Is there any private parking?

    - What do you expect from your new tenant?

    - Would you mind if I put up my friend over the weekend sometimes?

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